About Us

We are a sister/sister duo with a love of scents!

Spending years collecting our favourite candle brands scents to burn, our love for candles grew and grew. From the classic lavender scents to more creative scents like marshmallow or clean cotton, we loved filling the room with a new aroma.  However, these brands we loved so much had a few things in common - they smelt amazing yes, but the ingredients used were harmful for the environment and our health. After trying to be more conscious of our own actions that contribute to the environmental distrain, we cut back on buying these candles. Wanting to take matters into our own hands Torera was birthed!

Instead of the synthetic fragrances used in traditional scented candles, we have three basic, eco-conscious components:

1. Cotton wick

2. Soy wax

3. Essential oil blends

We are proud to be a Black-owned company